Unboxing Rules for Exchange & Refund

Read carefully for missing, damaged or wrong product delivered.

1. (a) If box delivered by courier is DAMAGED, take video of accepting damaged box with full coverage and pointing box damage.

    (b) For claiming MISSING items unboxing video is a must.

2. Unboxing video should start with (a) all 4 sides view then (b) top & bottom view (c) then full unboxing. *It must be single video NO PAUSE NO CUT*
3. Video should be taken from a distance to fully cover opening of package.
4. Close up of unboxing video not accepted.
5. After unboxing, product to be opened and damage or numbers of items to be clearly shown in video.
6. Video to be submitted within 6 hours.
7. Small marks & scratches not considered as damage.

8. If any breakage or missing item we will refund only for number of pcs Broken or Missing after viewing 360 degree opening video.

*We don’t provide replacement service only refund will be initiated*